Mycena interrupta

Amanita muscaria Amanita xanthocephala Cruentomycena viscidocruenta Cyptotrama aspratum Marasmius cylindraceocampanulatus Mycena austrororida Mycena epipterygia Mycena interrupta Mycena lazulina Mycena roseoflava
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Source: ALA

Emerging and mature fruit bodies, Toorongo Falls, May 2014

Large colony, Otways, Apr 2014

Ferntree Gully, Apr 2010
Common NamePixie's Parasol
Genus/SpeciesMycena interrupta (Berk.) Sacc. (1887)
Abundance &
Common in wet Eucalypt forests of Victoria and Tasmania.
SubstrateFallen logs and branches of native trees, particularly Eucalyptus regnans.
DescriptionA distinctive small, slightly viscid mushroom found mostly along the sides or underneath of logs, but also reported on dead branches and even fallen pine cones. Caps emerge as deep blue buttons growing to form a cap 10–15mm across with a darker blue centre to striate and pale outer. Gills are white and stem (to 20mm) is pale and thin, slightly translucent. Form small to medium colonies, though growth of individual fruiting bodies on a particular log are often separated by several days.
Similar SpeciesOld individuals may become pale, which then may resemble Mycena fumosa.

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